Biomes are different areas you will stop at along the River.

They have enemies, resources, shelter, stationary tools and more. You will spend over half your game exploring these areas.

Biome Region Comon Items Stationary Tools
Wilderness 1+ Cat Tails, Saplings & Other Plants Cache
Campgrounds 1+ Flint Camp Fire, Cache
Farm 1+ Corn Water Pump
Church 1+ Stitching Kit, Rags
Marina 2+ None Marina, Gas Pump
Fishing Shack 2+ Fishing Line, Fishing Hooks,

Assorted Plants, Grubs & Worms

Clinic 3+ Stitching Kit, Alcohol
Liqour Store 3+ Alcohol
Filling Station 3+ Nuts & Bolts Workbench, Gas Pump
Hardware Store 3+ Nuts & Bolts, Old Lumber,

Raft Schematics