Boar - angry and dangerous animal.


Boars are territorial animals and will pursue and charge intruders as soon as they step into certain areas around it, ceasing aggression only after the intruder has backed far away from the area. If the player damages a boar without killing it, it may start pursuing the player regardless of his position and will not cease aggression unless the player is near a fire or near the exit. 

The best way to avoid its charge is to run in a line perpendicular to the boar's charge trajectory. It the player gets hit by the boar's charge, it will inflict broken bones or laceration.

How to killEdit

- Use one Spring Spear Trap.

- Use Bow and two Arrow.

- 2 snake bites, from two different snakes.

- Certain enemies, like wolves, will attack and potentially kill boars if enough damage is dealt.


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